AMP's ACL Academy

We help injured athletes and active adults recover from ACL Tears from pre-surgery back to sport

AMP Performance Rehab specializes in ACL rehab in our Chester, NJ office


Recovering from an ACL tear is a long, complicated process

That requires the right guidance, support, and rehab plan.

An alarming number of people do NOT get back to 100% after an ACL tear because they do not get the right guidance and rehab plan.

Without the right rehab plan...

  • You face a high risk of re-tear (20% of athletes re-tear their ACL)

  • You may not get back to 100% (35% of athletes never return to pre-injury levels)

  • You face a risk of tearing your other ACL (25% of athletes tear their other ACL)

  • You are left guessing with no coordination between your coaches, doctor, or PT

  • You waste valuable recovery time doing the wrong things

  • You become frustrated because your rehab doesn't treat you like the athlete you are

How does AMP's ACL Academy ensure you get everything you need to meet your goals?

Expert Guidance With Surgical Decision Making

Not sure what to do after an ACL tear? We'll help you choose the best path for you and your goals and get you started with your rehab as early as possible because that sets the right foundation for a successful recovery!

One-on-one Care With Your ACL Expert

Work with an ACL expert in our gym-based facility with text communication and guidance outside of your sessions every step of the way.

Objective & Functional Testing to Guide Your Progression

Our comprehensive testing tells you exactly what areas you need to work on and when you are ready to progress so there is no guesswork.

Strength & Conditioning, Speed and Agility Training

We incorporate higher level exercise a lot earlier in the process because we use objective & functional testing to tell us when you are ready. This is how you get stronger and in better shape while preparing for your return!

Return To Sport Planning

We keep open lines of communication with all coaches, surgeons, athletic trainers, and of course family to help coordinate and monitor a safe return to sport.

100% Custom Program Based On Your Needs

Your program is designed, progressed, and updated based on your specific needs. Since we use objective data, we are able to progress you without guess work.

Our ACL Rehab Providers specialize in helping athletes and active adults return to sport safely and confidently after ACL tears.

Most ACL rehab plans fall short.

We make sure you have a plan that is perfect for you that is backed by science.

Your rehab will require time, money, commitment, and dedication, so it’s frustrating when traditional rehab routes don’t give you the care and attention you deserve.

This is why we created AMP's ACL Academy.

Because not all ACL rehab is created equally and we're here to make sure that you make a full recovery and come back stronger than ever!

ACL rehab is a speciality area of physical therapy. All of our clinicians specialize in ACL rehab to ensure you get the highest quality care

Because we know how much you care about your recovery and feeling confident in your body again. In order to accomplish that, you need a dedicated ACL expert.

Let's get you there together!

AMP's ACL Academy Three Step Process

1. Free ACL Consult With Your ACL Rehab Specialist

We’ll answer your questions, get more information about your injury and goals, and help you decide the next best step so that you feel confident in your rehab plan.

2. Work with our ACL Rehab Specialists

We’ll work with you every step of the way and create an individualized action plan designed specifically for you, your weaknesses, and your goals.

3. Return to sport safely and confidently

With our guidance, you'll get back to doing the things you love safely, confidently, and stronger than ever!

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