We help MOTIVATED adults and athletes with PERSISTENT INJURIES and PAIN get back to doing what they love, even if you've seen multiple doctors and PTs.

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Sports Injury Rehab

Designed for athletes, by athletes. 

As athletes ourselves, we know the demands of your sport and how to get you back to performing injury free!

Faster Results

Most clients only need 1-4 sessions

No referral or insurance approval needed

A Better Experience

You get the same level of expertise and attention as the pros.

One-On-One in a gym setting​. No boring medical office.

We work hard. We sweat. We get results.


Returning To Sport After An Injury Is Hard... 

Most traditional physical therapists don't understand the demands of your sport.

Are you frustrated that you've been going to physical therapy, but aren't any closer to returning to playing?  

Are you scared that you'll never get back to the same level after an injury or surgery?


...The Stakes Are High, So We Do Things Differently 


AMP Performance Rehab is designed by athletes, for athletes. 

AMP takes the frustration out of the equation because we send your custom program right to your phone. 

AMP is always a video call or text away so you always know what you need to be doing  get back to playing at a higher level with more confidence. 

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We help athletes overcome injury and return to sport without pain.


Barbell Athlete

Shaun is able to simply relatively complex concepts and topics into an easily understandable game plan that helps you to improve your ability to move freely. He listens to his patients and helps give them structure to movement and training that brings them closer to their goals. I would recommend other individuals to work with Shaun if they are frustrated with an injury and want to start to move the needle in the right direction towards health and performance.


At AMP Performance Rehab, we know the kind of person you are. You want to be on the field with your team. You want to be in the gym lifting weights. You want to be crossing the finish line after PR’ing a marathon.

You also want to do these things without pain and fear of injury holding you back

The problem is that you’ve likely gone to physical therapy in the past. You went for months and didn’t feel like you were improving. Your physical therapist never played your sport, doesn’t lift weights, and has never even had a sports-related injury themselves.

 This is extremely frustrating. There is no way this individual can understand what you are going through... 

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During your first session, we’ll diagnose your injury and create a plan to get you back to your sport as quickly as possible.

Work hard. Get better.

Your custom program will be delivered right to your inbox. You'll know exactly what to do, and we'll guide you the entire way.



Marathon Runner

AMP helped me avoid knee surgery. I went to AMP as a last hope. I wasted months of time and copays going to PT somewhere else that wasn't helping. I'm so grateful for everything AMP's helped me accomplish in such a short amount of time!

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"Working with AMP truly was a life changer...Shaun was able to work with me and make sure I was able to do the things I wanted to and needed to with my son, and really enjoy my new family."



"This injury was hindering my performance... He explains the why behind what you're doing every time. You're educated on your own rehab, which is a valuable tool to learn."

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