Become the Go-To Trainer or PT in your town with practical application of multiplex movement concepts.

AMP Model of Human Performance

A 12- week implementation mentorship starting February 1st.
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It is your ability to interpret the assessments and put the results into action that is THE SHOW.  It is your ability to do this in a way that fills your clients/patients gaps by giving them what they don’t have that will allow you to help them in a way no one else has been able to.

This takes time and effort to fully grasp. Honestly...the time and effort needed to continuously progress your skill level to being the BEST you can be for the people who trust you for results can be daunting. 

It is this reason that so many clinicians and trainers are simply fine punching the clock and not pushing themselves to get better everyday…

I get it because I was there. I’ve taken pretty much any weekend cert you can think of → FMS/SFMA x4, PRI x12, NKT x3, DNS x3, FRC...just to name a few. 

I got bits and pieces of info from Instagram and podcasts about how to apply certain breathing techniques to create range of motion… but I never really saw the bigger picture.

I spent so much time and effort trying to make sense of everything in a way that got me consistent results so that I could help all of the patients and clients that were trusting me.

It wasn’t until I got so frustrated trying to understand how all of the people I followed on the Internet were claiming to get results that I finally reached out to them for help

After 12 weeks you’ll walk away with:

Confidence in your role/identity as a clinician and coach in your ability to impact a person's life

Maximize performance and release the fear of failing.

A consistent-results based approach to your decision making process increasing your client retention rate.

Here’s what’s included


  • 12 weeks of modules taking you on a journey from theory to practical
  • 12 weeks of online training on the Train Heroic app so you can utilize the principles you'll be learning about
  • 12 weeks of live Q&A
  • AMP training templates to use with your clients
  • AMP assessment templates to use with your clients
  • 24/7 access to me via email and private FB group

Here’s what’s inside waiting for you:

Building your model and refining your lens: The single most important step that most people miss.

The rib cage and infrasternal angle: mechanics, assessment, and expectations for your client’s potential - understanding this will change how you view human movement

The scapula, shoulder girdle, and rib cage - mechanics, assessment, and why most people struggle with maintaining mobility

The pelvis and lower extremity - mechanics, assessment, and how gait relates to the weight room

Tuck, Reach, Exhale - if you can coach these 3 things well then you will get better results instantly

The assessment essentials for human performance most people miss

Coaching resets, cooldowns, and client homework: The keys to lasting results

Coaching the main lifts - using your assessment to make better decisions for your clients 

Coaching the accessory lifts - using your assessment to make better decisions for your clients

Program design - Putting it all together to keep your clients coming back

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hours investing in developing my coaching skills, learning and mastering the science of movement from a human performance lens.

Athletes and clients invest thousands of dollars in our proven system because it works!

And the truth? If it was easy to be the best, then everyone would do it. 

But the reality is most people don’t care to put in the effort, and if they do, they’re missing key implementation essentials which is exactly why I’ve put together this 12 week mentorship.

Because I want to get this type of education in the hands of as many people as possible without having to invest the same cost in both time and money as I did. Plus you’ll learn the same lessons that I learned faster.


Because I want to help more people build strength and able bodies so that they can get back to doing what they love without pain.

So, are you in?


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Here’s what people have said about working with AMP:


Imagine what becomes possible for your business when you can create the same type of results for your clients.

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And we’re so certain this program is exactly that what you need. We’re willing to take on all the risk. If you put im the work, reach out for help, and show up to 80% of the calls and STILL don’t see results.

We’ll give you 100% of your money back within 28-days of purchase.

So, what do you really have to lose? Are you in?



I am passionate about empowering people to overcome injuries, conquer pain, and live a life they love to live.

Just like you, I’ve been there.‚Äč

I’ve had ankle surgery, a neck injury, and a brain injury that I never thought I’d recover from.

I’ve gone through the ups and downs. 

The fear and uncertainty. 

And most importantly, the consistent effort it takes to overcome injury and continue doing all of the things I love.