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Whether you have sought us out for Specialized Sports Physical Therapy,

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Meet the team at AMP Performance Rehab that will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are Always Making Progress!


Dr. Shaun Astorga,

Physical Therapist

Shaun is a physical therapist, and life-long athlete.

Shaun has been lucky to work with athletes of the highest level, with extensive experience with athletes in the National Football League, World Figure Skating Championships, Olympic Figure Skating, Olympic Weight Lifting, Reebok CrossFit Games, Major League Soccer,  UFC and Cage Fury Fighting Championships, and the Jiu Jitsu World League.

Shaun has a track record of being able to help people who have tried everything - physical therapy, chiropractic, orthopedic surgery, injections, creams, pain meds, and Youtube exercises unsuccessfully - to regain their physical freedom and return to an active lifestyle.

Shaun is just like you - he is a life long athlete who plays recreational sports, runs long distance, lifts weights, goes hiking, and travels. Shaun's had surgeries and a brain injury that almost derailed his life. Through his struggles, Shaun has developed a progressive treatment style that allows him to help people who don't fit the traditional medical model.

Shaun believes that we all deserve to receive the same level of physical therapy and recovery as professional athletes, because just like professional athletes, we all deserve to function at the highest level.

Shaun is a board-certified physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and is currently enrolled in Functional Medicine University's Certified Functional Medicine practitioner program

Cassara Grasso, LMT, CCP, CKTS

Licensed Massage Therapist

Cassara is a licensed massage therapist, yogi, and lifter of heavy weights.

Cassara has been lucky to work with athletes of the highest level, with extensive experience with athletes in the National Football League, Reebok CrossFit Games, International Federation of Body Building & Fitness, and the National Physique Committee.

Cassara is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Cassara has been a massage therapist for 10 years and has dedicated her career to learning advanced techniques so she can help her clients in every way possible.

Cassara is an avid yoga practitioner and uses her personal knowledge about yogic postures to encourage people to  have a positive experience with breath work and movement.

Cassara prioritizes her own health by focusing on weight training to keep her body strong, yoga to keep her mind strong, and nutrition to support her ability to do everything she loves. Cassara loves to help clients realize the power they possess within themselves to take positive strides and impact their own health in ways nothing else can.

Dr. Monica Saenz, PT, DPT

Sports Physical Therapist


Monica is a sports physical therapist, dancer, and life-long athlete.

Monica has been lucky to work with athletes of the highest level, with extensive experience with athletes in the National Football League, World Figure Skating Championships, Olympic Figure Skating, Olympic Weight Lifting, Reebok CrossFit Games, Major League Soccer, UFC and Cage Fury Fighting Championships, and Broadway Performing Artists.

Monica started moving at a young age through dance. This led her to pursue a career as a professional dancer before going on to become a sports physical therapist.

Monica is a life-long athlete who loves going on hikes around the world, lifting weights, running recreationally, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with her boyfriend and dog.

Monica has competed in local CrossFit competitions and half-marathons on the east coast. She loves challenging herself and learning through experience to better understand the needs of the athletes she helps.

Monica loves to help her clients realize their capabilities and empower them to take on challenges so that they can live a life that they love.

Monica joined AMP Performance Rehab because she believes in the company's values and beliefs.

Monica is working toward becoming a board-certified clinical specialist.  


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