What Doctors Actually Think When You Walk Through The Door (It's NOT Good)

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2020

"I'm sending another crazy runner your way."

"This guy just ran 26 miles and he's wondering why his knee hurts."

"Not sure why he's here. He runs 50 miles a week. He's lucky it's only his back that's stiff."

These are pretty typical lines I hear from some of my referral sources (AKA the medical professionals you are going to for help with pain).

The problem is most medical professionals, even if they have the title of Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine Doctor, or Sports Physical Therapist associated with their name, don’t understand the demands of running.

They brush us off as "crazy". 

This is very dangerous because it often leads to poor advice, further injury, decreased performance, and even life changing events like unnecessary surgery that COULD END YOUR RUNNING CAREER (the amount of times I’ve seen this is embarrassing and extremely frustrating).

The Surgery That Should Have Been Prevented

Kristen’s story is the perfect example of what routinely happens. 

Kristen was using the extra time she had due to the quarantine to shave time off her marathon time. She increased the intensity and frequency of hard runs at the same time and started feeling pain on the outside of her foot (who hasn't???).

When the pain started, it would only happen with running. As the intensity of the run increased, the pain would also increase. But when she was done, the pain went away.

When she reached out to AMP Performance Rehab 6 weeks after seeing an MD who told her to "take it easy" and that she'll "be fine",


It was TOO late.

Check out the video below for a recap of her story and where she is now...it's not pretty.


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