"I've Tried Physical Therapy And It Didn't Work"

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2020

I am a physical therapist and I love what I do. But I struggle identifying as a physical therapist because of what healthcare has become…


Most people’s perception of PT is similar. They go see their PT 2 or 3 times a week. They get a massage, some heat and stim, and maybe do a couple of exercises with an aide while their PT runs between them and the 3 other patients they have at the same time.

They don’t really get better, but keep going because their prescription is for 3 times a week for 12 weeks.


Their plan of care doesn’t change even though they aren’t achieving their goals.


Then, when the prescription time frame ends, they part ways.


Their Md asks them how they’re feeling, and they respond that “PT didn’t work.”


This usually starts a cascade of events. Injection 1. Injection 2. Injection 3. Surgery...



As a healthcare professional, I would never string someone along for 12 weeks (36 sessions) without results.


As a human, I would never pay my copay of $75 for 36 sessions if I wasn’t seeing results. That’s literally lighting $2,700 on fire!!!! Not to mention the 12 weeks of time lost where you could’ve been doing something else that was giving you the results you were seeking.


The problem is that healthcare professionals are not set up to successfully help the people who seek their expertise. Unfortunately, health insurance has ruined the way some of the best healthcare professionals practice.


You see this in PT all the time. This is why you are sharing your appointment time with 5 other people everytime you go. This is also why you have a 9:00 AM appointment with your MD and end up waiting for 30 minutes before you see your doctor for 5 minutes.


As a result, people like you and me suffer.


We get subpar care.


We share our appointments with multiple people.


We spend more time in a waiting room than we do with our doctor.


We have to wonder if the procedures being recommended to us are because that’s what the medical professional in front of us thinks is in our best interest, or if it’s what your insurance will reimburse them the most money for.


The PT world is no different. That same in-network PT clinic down the street from your house that you “only have to pay your copay for” is seeing 4, 5, or 6 people per physical therapist each hour to take advantage of insurance billing.


You can rest assured that you are not getting anywhere near acceptable care in the typical physical therapy scenario. And you definitely do not want to be the 25th person your PT sees on a given day...

Kelly A. - "Working with AMP truly was a life changer...Shaun was able to work with me and make sure I was able to do the things I wanted to and needed to with my son, and really enjoy my new family"

This is why AMP is run the way it is. No insurance to cloud judgement. No unskilled employees working with patients. No wasted time on treatment options that are proven to not work (E-stim, ultrasound, traction).
Everything we do is one-on-one with each client. Everything we do is catered toward the individual in front of us’ goal. Everything we do is at the highest standard.
At AMP, we have 100% skin in the game, because if we do not put our best foot forward and help each client realize the results they are seeking, we will be out of business and forced back into the health insurance-driven medical world we’re trying to change.
At AMP, we view healthcare as a partnership with each client. As partners, we are both invested in the process. AMP does not “fix” people’s injuries. AMP teaches people to understand the factors that are negatively impacting their situation and how to combat them.

At AMP we will educate you and give you the tools to keep your pain from coming back.


This model gives us leeway and affords us the time to make each experience unique to the specific goals of each individual. This does not take 3 sessions a week for 12 weeks like the typical insurance-driven PT makes people believe.

We are results driven. This means that we are constantly re-assessing what we do to ensure that you are realizing the appropriate benefits. We share any educational material you find useful. We share videos of all of the exercises we do each session. We share anything that you feel will help you on your journey.
For some people, this could be 1 session. For others this could be 5 or 10 sessions. For all we are always available to answer questions and provide clarification through facetime, phone call, text message, email, smoke signals, carrier pigeon, or whatever other ways people communicate these days.

This is your health in question. It is your time and money on the line. Settling for convenience with these things is the difference between someone telling you you need injections or surgeries, when in actuality you need the right medical professional to help you meet your goals.


As always, if you have questions about your situation and are looking to make your pain a thing of the past, contact us today to see if we are a good fit to work with each other.


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