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At AMP Performance Rehab, we know the kind of person you are. You want to be on the field with your team. You want to be in the gym lifting weights. You want to be crossing the finish line after PR’ing a marathon.  

You also want to do these things without pain and fear of injury holding you back. 

The problem is that you’ve likely gone to physical therapy in the past. You went for months and didn’t feel like you were improving. Your physical therapist never played your sport, doesn’t lift weights, and has never had a sports-related injury themselves. 

This is extremely frustrating.

How is this individual supposed to help you if they can't understand what you're going through?

We believe that athletes such as yourself don’t have a place where medical providers understand the demands of your sport...and that is just plain wrong!

At AMP Performance Rehab, we understand your frustrations, because we are athletes ourselves. We lift weights. We run marathons. We take yoga classes. We play recreational sports. 

We’ve even worked helping professional athletes manage injuries so they can stay performing at the highest level.

This is why we created AMP Performance Rehab - because we believe that the medical world needs a special place carved out for people like you and us.

Here’s how it works…Our simple 3 step process allows you to visit us directly without a physician referral or insurance approval. Because your sessions are one-on-one, most athletes only need 1-4 sessions. We even ditched the boring medical office setting and opted for a gym in order to give you an energetic and interactive experience.

So give us a call, shoot a text, or send us an email, so you can end your frustration and concerns about that nagging injury holding you back and start performing to your fullest potential!

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