Finally Get Clarity In Your Process Without Getting Overwhelmed So You Can Accelerate Results With Your Clients In The Next 90-Days

AMP Model of Human Performance Mentorship

A 12-week hybrid of one-on-one and group mentorship that will take you to the next level by developing a consistent process, so that you feel confident in your value, attract ideal clients, and get your clients real results.
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The fitness and rehab worlds do not set us up for success. 

When I first started my career as a PT and trainer, I took a salary cut with the promise of THE BEST mentorship I would ever find, only to learn the hard way that it was an empty promise.

And the continuing education and weekend certification model in these fields gives you so much information…but zero clue on how to effectively implement any of the material to get actual results with your clients (unless you keep paying for the next course…and the next course…and the next).

And social media! Don’t get me started…it floods you with so much information it’s hard to know what’s good and what’s straight up BS.

For the longest time I felt like I was never going to be good enough to help my patients and clients get consistent results…

I just kept consuming information thinking that having a better understanding of biomechanics and breathing drills and even learning more exercises would be the answer.

It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to be mentored directly by some really great professionals who helped me develop my own model that I started to see consistency in what I was doing.

This is why I created this mentorship program - to help people like myself develop their own model so that they can have the confidence to actually do great things and help a lot of people that other professionals haven’t been able to.


A 12-week combination of one-on-one and group mentorship that will take you to the next level by developing a consistent process, so that you feel confident in your value, attract ideal clients, and get your clients real results.

Here’s what you can expect to get from the program:

  • 6 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Shaun Astorga & the AMP Team
  • 12 weeks of live drop-in group calls
  • 12 weeks of recorded modules
  • 12 weeks of training on Train Heroic
  • Private slack community to review your cases, AMP cases, share further information, answer questions, and network with other great professionals
  • Your very own AMP T-shirt
  • Access to AMP's Guest Lecture Series
  • AMP’s training & assessment templates for use with your clients (plug and play)

After 12 weeks you’ll walk away with:

Confidence in your role/identity as a clinician and coach in your ability to impact a person's life

Maximize performance and release the fear of failing.

A consistent-results based approach to your decision making process increasing your client retention rate.

Here’s what’s included


  • 6 one-on-one calls
  • 12 weeks of modules taking you on a journey from theory to practical
  • 12 weeks of online training on the Train Heroic app so you can utilize the principles you'll be learning about
  • 12 weeks of live Q&A
  • AMP training templates to use with your clients
  • AMP assessment templates to use with your clients
  • 24/7 access to me via email and private Slack group

Here’s what’s inside waiting for you:

WEEK 1: Discover the 2 archetypes of skeletal structure and everything in between

  •  Discover the relationship between respiration and movement
  • Understand the 2 archetypes of humans and why this is important

Week 2: Master the fundamentals of the upper thorax and shoulder girdle

  • Discover the role of the upper rib cage on shoulder movement 
  • Learn to effectively assess the upper rib cage and shoulder so you can make precision decisions for your clients

Week 3: Master the fundamentals of the pelvis

  • Discover the role of the pelvis on femur range of motion
  • Learn to effectively assess the pelvis you can make precision decisions for your clients

Week 4: Discover how a refined assessment process can accelerate your results

  • Discover AMPs simple biomechanical assessment process to create a complete framework for your decision making

Week 5: Master the stack - the key to lasting changes

  • Learn to coach the most fundamental skill in all of training and rehab

Week 6: Coaching and selecting resets with precision to customize your exercise selection in seconds

  • Discover how to pick the most optimal exercises for your clients

Week 7: Everything you need to know about squats and hinges

Week 8: Accessory lifts part 1 - Upper body training for maximal results

Week 9: Accessory lifts part 2 - Lower body training for maximal results.

Week 10: Weight room programming: The ins and outs of effective programming for your and your client’s goals

Week 11: Aerobic Training Principles: The ins and outs of effective conditioning

Week 12: Putting it all together and final presentations

Bonus: Starting From The End

AMPs Model, Stress, And How We Move

I get very frustrated by the state of education for PTs, trainers, and coaches.
My Doctor of Physical Therapy degree cost an insane amount of money. And while it provided me with baseline information so that I could pass my state board exam, it did not teach me the skills I needed to be successful as a PT. 
Most continuing education and weekend certification programs just provide you with an incomplete picture and theoretical framework that requires you to purchase multiple courses from the same company just to gain some type of understanding about their system. I have literally taken every 3-letter acronym course you can think of…and probably some you’ve never heard of. 
One thing I learned from that experience is that you gain a ton of information…but no guidance. Most of it goes to waste kind of like lighting money on fire. Without mentorship, these courses are almost useless because implementation is extremely frustrating and confusing.
PRI, DNS, FMS, NKT, IKN…so much money spent on all of these courses only to have to literally seek out mentorship on my own to figure out what to do with all of the information. 
And the travel! Just to get to some of the courses I thought I needed had me traveling all over the country. 
I learned this the hard (and expensive) way - the information is the easy part. It is all out there on the Google.
Knowing what to do with is the hard part….how many hours have you spent trying to think about whether to reach high or low, or invert a person, or have them percher squat vs front squat, or what to do when your patient has multiple ranges of motions that are painful or restricted?
Exactly. That was 100% me too.
This is why I created the AMP Model of Human Performance Mentorship Group. 
My goal is to help you feel confident in your ability to do some really great things for your clients…and become a lifelong friend and mentor in the process (along with all the other people in the group, you’re going to make a lot of new friends).
So, the real question is can you afford not to?

Here’s what people have said about working with AMP:


Imagine what becomes possible for your business when you can create the same type of results for your clients.

Yes I'm In

What's the Investment

Just a quick recap:

  • 6 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Shaun Astorga & Dr. Monica Saenz so that all your questions are personally answered for a customized and tailored program
  • 12 weekly live group calls so that the community can learn from each other and get questions answered you didn’t even know you had.
  • 12 weeks of recorded modules so that you can go back to the material and study it on your own time.
  • 12 weeks of training (semi-custom programming) on Train Heroic so that you can actually implement the principles on your own body.

Enroll in the AMP Model of Human Performance Now

$199 per month for 5 months

Spots are limited, and we only host the mentorship program 3 times per year.


5 Monthly Payments of $199

Plus These BONUS' are waiting for you:

When you join the mentorship today, you will also get an additional one-on-one call and access to our guest lecture series to help accelerate your implementation of the principles we will put into action during our time together. 

And we’re so certain this program is exactly that what you need. We’re willing to take on all the risk. If you put im the work, reach out for help, and show up to 80% of the calls and STILL don’t see results.

We’ll give you 100% of your money back within 28-days of purchase.

So, what do you really have to lose? Are you in?



I am passionate about empowering people to overcome injuries, conquer pain, and live a life they love to live.

Just like you, I’ve been there.

I’ve had ankle surgery, a neck injury, and a brain injury that I never thought I’d recover from.

I’ve gone through the ups and downs. 

The fear and uncertainty. 

And most importantly, the consistent effort it takes to overcome injury and continue doing all of the things I love.